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Design environmentally friendly buildings in a proven technology.
It is said that an architect is a profession of public trust. Every construction begins with a project, and the challenge of modern architecture is to respond not only to the needs of today but also to be ready for tomorrow's challenges, i.e., to be ethical and ecological. We must look comprehensively and systematically. It is whole systems and technologies that take into account the use of natural resources and a sustainable economy of materials that affect climate neutrality and the accompanying CO2 emissions. If we share similar values, join us and design buildings in prefabricated frame structures, in energy-efficient and passive standard according to current trends.

Design easily and comfortably, shortening the design time and the amount of design documentation.


Responsible designing with future needs in mind

The importance of designing and construction in achieving climate neutrality is enormous. The use of individual building elements such as alternative energy sources or orientation relative to the sides of the world to achieve the appropriate energy balance is no longer enough.

Utilize the advantages of wood as a natural and renewable building material, ready-made system elements that streamline designing and create buildings with frame structures for every construction segment with us.

Quick and convenient design of prefabricated frame structures

Our system consists of 26 specially designed and standardized modules that can be connected like building blocks in both the design and assembly phases, creating an environmentally friendly frame structure. This is the optimal number to design homes, offices, and public utility buildings.

If you have already designed frame structures, you will be able to do it faster in our system, if not, we will teach you how.

Why is it worth building in our system?
Economic benefits:

Economic benefits:

  • Partnership cooperation system - commission agreement for designers in our system.
  • We send design orders to offices that cooperate with us.
  • Larger portfolio - designing in energy-efficient, ecological technology


  • Ready-to-use Archipack design system is the ultimate improvement for design work, simple and intuitive, making the design process easier
  • We have a library of BIM modules at our disposal
  • We offer knowledge base and project support - we conduct regular training sessions
  • We provide project support from specialists and consultations with the largest engineering office in Poland – STATYK
  • Possibility of use in every segment of construction (single-family houses, multi-family houses, service buildings, public facilities - nurseries, kindergartens). Proven and safe system confirmed by research.
  • Possibility of adaptation according to the principles of design in the system.

Ecological benefits:

  • For your clients - designing buildings in low-energy or passive standard
  • For your clients - Designing buildings that reduce carbon footprint
  • For the environment - Environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste
  • The most desirable construction of the coming years - a response to the challenges of the "Fit for 55" climate strategy and ESG

Image benefits:

  • Positive image of ecological design
  • Quality and safety of the system - a verified, safe, certified system with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty, ETA CE certificate, 50, NRO, REI 120 for external walls, and REI 90 for internal walls
  • The system has been repeatedly awarded and recognized in the press and competitions

Designing with us:
Appreciated us:

Main Award - NESTIO 2021 Ranking in the Tradition & Modernity category - Best Modular Home 2021

Best ecological project, Work Life Balance office complex Main award - PLGBC Green Building Awords 2022

Award from Builder Poland Magazine 2021 Best Technological and Structural Solutions for Construction Products

Trust proven and recognized solutions
Design in an energy-efficient and passive standard in accordance with current trends.

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