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Step up your timber frame construction game.
Become a partner and an authorized installer of the Wood Core House system.

Only exceptional partners and contractors who prioritize quality and safety for their clients choose the best system solutions for them. If you build timber frame houses, you can offer them not only with the highest quality guarantee, but also take your work to the next level by building faster, easier, and more conveniently, thereby achieving more.

Over four years of scientific consultations, research, testing at the Silesian University of Technology, and optimization have given us the knowledge encapsulated in our Wood Pack solution - ready-to-install structures. Today, Wood Pack is a patented system that offers a convenient, fast, safe, durable, and cost-optimized solution for every segment of the construction industry. Step up your timber frame construction game, offer a new standard, and become an authorized partner of Wood Core House.

Fast, easy, and enjoyable construction in a proven system

How do we work?
With benefits for you - fast, cost-effective, eco-friendly
  • We produce standardized modules that are stored and available immediately or can be produced within a few days for individual orders
  • Each of the modular elements is standardized and undergoes quality control, which minimizes the risk of errors during the production process to zero.
  • 1 transport = 1 building
  • Unloading of constructions does not require heavy equipment
  • Cost optimization
The components of our system are prefabricated modules, which, together with connectors and clear assembly instructions, create a complete construction system called Wood Pack.

The system developed in this way is:
  • Assembly without the use of specialized equipment - assembly with basic tools
  • Clean construction site - limited amount of waste and water consumption in the construction process
  • The construction does not require extensive facilities
  • Assembly by a team of 2-3 people
  • Quick and easy construction for every construction segment - 130 m2 in approx. 6 days
  • Short investment execution time means more orders that can be completed
  • Fast and cost-optimized construction
  • Quality and Safety, supported by many years of research
  • Environmentally friendly, enabling construction in an energy-saving and passive standard, reducing energy consumption.
  • Buildings with a Negative Carbon Footprint.
  • A response to the Fit For 55 and ESG climate strategy

Applicability in the system:

  • underfloor heating on each floor
  • use of heavy roofing material
  • photovoltaics, heat pumps, etc.)

Moreover, the possibility:

  • easy expansion combining Wall-Wood technology
  • rise to 4 above-ground storeys
  • application in every segment of construction

Save time and costs

Constructions ready for assembly - Wood Pack is the answer to the needs of fast, modern and cost-optimized construction.

Prefabrication of the structure on a specially developed production line is the subsequent convenience of assembly, a guarantee of quality and durability of the executed projects

More investments at the same time - It's possible

If you build in frame systems - you'll do it faster with us. Everything you need for assembly you get in our package - Wood Pack. Ready modules improve assembly work, which, after quick assembly, are ready for further stages of construction and finishing the structure to the developer's state

Why is it worth building in our system?
Economic benefits:

Economic benefits:

  • Structures available in stock - ready for immediate use or to be produced within a few days
  • Fast construction - maximum optimization and streamlining of assembly work.
  • Easy installation - we have made everything complicated on our production line, the assembly of prefabricated wall modules is like playing with blocks according to the attached instructions
  • Installation does not require specialized equipment - basic tools are enough
  • Construction does not require extensive infrastructure
  • Clean construction site
  • Small assembly teams - 2-3 people
  • Ready-made design solutions - a catalog of ready-made designs and the possibility of individual design in the system
  • Marketing support, technical consultation and advice - we will provide you with materials, conduct training and teach you everything. We remain in constant contact, making our specialists available to you
  • Possibility of application in any segment of construction (single-family houses, multi-family houses, commercial buildings, public utilities - nurseries, kindergartens). A proven safe system confirmed by tests.
  • Preferential prices directly from the manufacturer

Ecological benefits:

  • For your clients - energy-efficient buildings in low-energy or passive standard
  • For the environment - eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste amount
  • The most desirable construction of the next few years - a response to the challenges of the "Fit for 55" climate strategy and ESG

Image benefits:

  • Positive image of an environmentally friendly company
  • Quality and safety of the system - a proven, safe, certified system with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty, ETA CE certificate, 50, NRO, REI 120 external walls, and REI 90 internal walls
  • The system has been repeatedly awarded and recognized in the press and competitions

We cooperate
Appreciated us

Award for Innovation in Silesia Enterprise Europe Network 2022 Wood Pack - Ready-to-Assemble Structures

Main Award - NESTIO 2021 Ranking in the Tradition & Modernity category - Best Modular Home 2021

Award from Builder Poland Magazine 2021 Best Technological and Structural Solutions for Construction Products

Award - Dobrze Mieszkaj & 4 Buildings Awords Editorial - for an Innovative System of Prefabricated Building Skeleton Construction.

Enter a higher level of timber frame construction, Become an authorized partner and contractor of the Wood Core House system

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