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Thanks to EU funds obtained from the National Centre for Research and Development we realize a project aiming at the development of innovative technology of wood and wood-based modular elements prefabrication system and innovative modular structures construction. It will let us introduce into use an entirely tested technology of building core houses in our proprietary and patented Wood Core House System.

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The principal material of the Wood Core House house-structure. Our technology uses KVH and BSH wood imported from a leading Austrian manufacturer.

KVH construction solid wood has German Quality Certificate (Zertifikat KVH MPA Stuttgart).

The certification description classifies it as a material used in state-of-the-art construction industry.

Technical properties:

C24 strength grade in accordance with the PN-EN 338:2016 standard

execution in accordance with the PN-EN 14080:2013, PN-EN 15497:2014, PN-EN 336:2013-12 standards

planed wood, beveled on four sides

kiln dried to obtain humidity 15 % +/- 3%

NRO-grade wall partition

D, s2, d0 (PN-EN 14080:2013) fire resistance

lack of fungi and insects

tree core splitting cut

no impairments or damages

repetitive shape and dimensions


Thanks to exclusive use of certified materials in the production process we are able to provide the highest quality of the building as well as guarantee stability and safety for long years ahead.

We use KVH and BSH wood (coming from Austria - dead and kiln dried wood)

The elements of the construction are joined with certified connectors only.

We use certified construction reinforcements (elements joined in one line)

Connectors, achors

In order to guarantee long-term stability of the construction we use carpenter connectors, anchors, screws and staples and other screw connectors provided by well-known, world leading manufacturers.

Thanks to the use of certified connecting materials and tools we are able provide the highest quality and stability of construction and thus the safety of the inhabitants.


Each and every element of the building (wood, screws, steel connectors) is certified for quality in order to make sure that the products offered by us fulfill all safety standards.

Structure TESTS

In Wood Core House we always strive to meet customer’s expectations and support our promises with honest research and test. We are one of the few companies that carry out strength tests in real-life scale.

In cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology we test both single elements, fragments of walls, walls with ceiling as well as the whole structures. Up to now we have already carried out more than a dozen tests on full-sized elements and the results show that our structures fulfill, with a large margin, the required strength standards.


Thanks to National Centre for Research and Development we have equipped a production line, thanks to which we will soon be able to produce our core buildings.

As a result of our proprietary solutions 80% of the ordered building shall always be available in the workshop, we will be able to manufacture the remaining part within 3 days.


After delivery of the Wood Pack, this is what we call our different types of buildings, together with instruction manual, 2 to 4 persons’ team shall have no problems whatsoever to assemble the building shell from the elements in merely 6 days.

The speed of assembly will substantially exceed that of traditional core construction and the obtained rigidity will be substantially higher than that of the present wood construction available on the market.

We may say that the construction of a Wood Core House building will be as easy as Lego bricks assembly.

Obviously, the assembly time will depend on the size of the structure its degree of complexity and the quantity of workers available on the construction site. We are developing a simple and intuitive assembly manual for our Wood Packs. We assume that 2, 3 or 4-person construction team shall be sufficient to erect a building within approximately 6 working days.

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Are you interested in the most cutting-edge technology of building wood-core houses?

Are you an architect, contractor or construction company? We are looking for partner companies interested in designing and building core-structure houses. Write to us or call us in order to find out more about our own original technology.